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The Winning Teams Model of Engagement has been successfully used for employee and organisation development by a number of prestigious organisations since 1995. For the past ten years the model has also been used in the field of youth development with the purpose of improving the chances of young people from disadvantaged communities becoming economically independent.

The Winning Teams model of engagement was developed from team sports. Team sports tests the competency of players and determines which team is the best through competitive engagement. The process of team sports involves learning, coaching, practising, testing, (the game/match) scoring, applauding and performance assessment. Using the same process steps, team sport principles and competitive structures and applying this to learning and development creates the same excitement and motivation to succeed as found in team sports.

The Winning Teams model of engagement is not only multi-faceted but also multi-purposed in its application. The cornerstones of the Winning Teams model of engagement are: teamwork, competition, measurement and recognition.

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