Youth Empowerment and Development

Our Mission

Use the proven Winning Teams Learning and Development Methodology to empower and equip our youth with the knowledge and skills that will afford them the best opportunity to become economically active. 

Our Target

Unemployed youth up to the age of 25 from disadvantaged communities, who have the capability and desire, but because of their inability to learn, have either dropped out or failed to achieve a formal qualification from a public or other institution of learning and development.

Our Aim

To empower our target youth to take responsibility for their learning and equip them with:

  1. learning skills and competencies that will enable them to cope better with their present and future studies and in the world of work
  2. methods, material and tools to enable them to close gaps in foundational knowledge and key concepts that they should have acquired in their previous years of schooling
  3. key life and employability skills that are highly sought after in the world of work.

Our Initiatives

The Winning Teams post school initiatives are implemented in partnership with the Department of Higher Education and Training, as well as close collaboration between teachers, learners and parents.

Our post school initiatives address the following skills and competencies:

Learning Skills and Competencies

The Winning Teams Learning & Development Methodology is ideally suited to the learning of Mathematics, Physical Science and English (FAL), as these are the progressive learning subjects that require the building of foundational knowledge, key concepts and skills. In order to be competent in these subjects regular practice in the application of core knowledge, key concepts or skills is required. The Winning Teams Methodology can be used for any subject that requires the development and retention of core knowledge and key concepts.

Key Life Skills

Cognitive thinking and problem solving skills

The Winning Teams Learning and Development Process provides an engaging, participative, yet structured environment in which ideas, thinking processes and solutions can be discussed, debated and different solutions explored and agreed upon. This is particularly beneficial to Mathematics and Science learners.

Literacy skills and competencies

The primary business language in the corporate world is English, which is a second home language for the youth from the targeted communities. South Africa has one of the lowest levels of literacy in the world. It is therefore not surprising that it inhibits their ability to learn and to find work.

Learners participating in the Winning Teams Programme undergo appropriate Building English Programmes that provide regular practice to improve their confidence in communicating more effectively in the English language.

Employability skills, attitudes and behaviours

In order for learners to be work ready they need to develop certain employability skills such as communication, team work and interpersonal skills. It is also important for learners to possess some knowledge of the work environment, as well as managing their personal finances. In addition, learners should be aware of certain attitudes and behaviours that contribute to a positive work ethic e.g. respect for discipline, respect for others, self-confidence, dedication and commitment.

Our Focus

Our initiatives and programmes focus on:

  1. Lifelong learning skills and competencies
  2. English language competencies
  3. The Gateway subjects e.g.  Mathematics and Physical Science
  4. Work readiness

Our Projects & Programmes






‘Second Chance’

  2 Year Plan

AET Centres

1.  Rewrite / Upgrade

  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science


 - Onsite Intervention -

2.  Building English

  • Business English

Level 3

3.  Work Ready

  • Employability Skills






‘Close the Gap’

  1 Year Plan

TVET Colleges

1.  Exam Preparation

  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science


Level 2

- Onsite Intervention -

2. Building English

  • English (FAL)

Level 2

3. Work Ready

  • Employability Skills


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