Winning Teams Professional

The Winning Teams learning and development model of engagement was originally created in response to a learning need in the corporate world. Employees who needed to learn and embed core knowledge were unable to retain and apply what they had learnt from single training sessions without follow up in the workplace. What they needed was a creative and enjoyable way to practise and reinforce learning and its application to their job requirements. The answer was found in team sport.

Today we continue this development in the corporate space through Winning Teams Professional. Winning Teams Professional meets several of the key objectives around DISCUSSION, SHARING and COLLABORATION in Learning and Development following solid knowledge management principles. Winning Teams has a solid stance in Organisational Development, Learning and Development and Human Capital Development.

CO-OPERATIVE Learning and Development in a Competitive Space

The model of engagement was created to support employees who need to learn and embed core knowledge. The model creates a creative and enjoyable way to practice and reinforce learning supported by a strong focus on improvement and continuous feedback.

ENGAGING Learning and Development Model

The Winning Teams Model evolved from team sports with the purpose of making the learning environment as exciting and rewarding as that in a sporting environment. Competition and the passion for winning provide the driving force to improve levels of learning and development

Engaged and Focused Employee Development

Line Management plays an important role in linking organizational strategy and its key drivers to the floor in terms of a communicating strategy and facilitating knowledge and understanding of associated key focus areas.


Drive common focus on core knowledge that meets your strategic objectives.


Build co-operation and team-work, deliver an environment for knowledge development.


Immediate performance feedback to assess core knowledge levels.

BENEFITS of using Winning Teams Professional

The Winning Teams Model supports key company strategy by measuring, tracking and mapping CORE KNOWLEDGE. The model and knowledge mapping tool facilitates the development of positive attitudes, skills and behaviours to:
  • CREATE – a non-threatening, motivating learning environment
  • DRIVE – common focus on core knowledge to meet strategic business objectives
  • DELIVER – immediate performance feedback
  • ASSESS – core knowledge levels and retention
  • DELIVER – an environment for applied knowledge
  • BUILD – co-operation and team-work
  • DEVELOP – communication skills and individual confidence
  • CULTIVATE – a learning culture within the organisation

LARGE SCALE Learning and Development

Winning Teams easily incorporates participants that are geographically spread across cities, provinces and countries. This allows our programme to target and focus on large numbers of people spanning sizeable areas. There is almost no limit in the number of people that can be targeted when engaging in the competition phase of the programme.


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