Why we succeed at public Adult Learning Centers

Winning Teams is currently providing an exciting initiative to support the Department of Education National Senior Certificate Rewrite/Upgrade programme offered at Adult Learning Centres. In stark contrast to the limiting factors that make learning initiatives difficult to implement in public secondary schools, and to monitor the success of the initiatives. However these Learning Centres provide every opportunity to facilitate learning and for students to be successful.

These are some reasons why:

  • Students voluntarily register with Learning Centres and are aware of the importance of a second chance to achieve qualifications that will give them a real chance of finding employment or being able to study further.
  • Students usually focus on fewer subjects than they had to deal with at school. The students participating in the Winning Teams programme are either rewriting or upgrading Mathematics and/or Physical Science.
  • Students usually attend only one lesson/class a day which is provided by educators from the centre. This allows them to spend 3-5 hours each day either before or after classes to participate in the Winning Teams programme. Students are provided with sufficient time and space to enjoy a full process of learning that includes time for understanding new content, applying knowledge in a constant process of practice, homework, formal and informal assessment for every topic covered.
  • Students are required by Winning Teams to complete a baseline assessment, which is not routinely done in public schools. This enables students to establish their starting level of understanding of Mathematics and Science, whether this is at a Grade 8, 9 10 or 11 level. Students can then be grouped according to their core knowledge levels to determine tutoring requirements and to optimally close the gaps in their knowledge levels.
  • Students are provided with learning material from Winning Teams which cover the curriculum for each phase, Senior Phase (Grades 7-9) and FET phase (Grades 10-12). These learning materials address the content for each phase in an accumulative way, so that it is possible for students to fill the gaps in their foundational knowledge and key concepts that have been identified from their baseline assessments.
  • Regular individual and group assessments, both formal and informal, can be conducted to monitor the closing of the knowledge gaps throughout the year and the improvement of learning.
  • Students are able to take ownership of their learning and continuously monitor their own progress instead of relying on erratic or limited feedback from educators at the centres. The process of constant engagement allows each student to address their own specific learning needs.
  • Students participate in the Winning Teams collaborative learning and assessment process in which learning is facilitated through co-operative learning, group work and group discussions, peer to peer teaching and tutoring, supported by immediate feedback from both individual and group assessments.
  • The learning environment is highly engaging and participative, encouraging students to learn from each other, as opposed to an environment in schools where learners and the learning process is mainly passive. The Winning Teams learning environment is structured without being restrictive or limiting for the students.
  • Students have many opportunities to practise reading, writing and speaking English, which supports them in their learning for Mathematics and Science.
  • Students participate in the exciting Winning Teams game methodology which builds their confidence and develops communication, teamwork, interpersonal and organisation skills: invaluable attributes required for the world of work.

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