Mission & Vision


To provide hope and support to youth up to 25 years of age, who have failed to achieve a level of education in the gateway subjects that will afford them the best opportunity to become economically independent. 


To use the proven Winning Teams model of engagement in implementing Mathematics, Physical Science and English (FAL) learning and development initiatives in partnership with the Department of Education to ensure that we will achieve our stated Purpose. 


The majority of learners taking Mathematics and Physical Science in Grade 12 each year will either fail these subjects or pass at a low level i.e. 30% - 40%. They are unable to study further or be employed because of their marks and unfortunately join the ranks of the unemployed.

Many learners, realising their plight decide to rewrite or upgrade these subjects. The Department of Higher Education, through the Adult Education and Training Centres in Gauteng, currently offer these learners an opportunity or second chance to rewrite their National Senior Certificate examinations.

Sadly, most of the learners who register for the rewrite programme either drop-out during the year or fail again.

Thandeka Masondo Director – Adult Education and Training Gauteng Department of Education explains:” The majority of these learners have been pushed through the school system to Grade 12 and because they are unable to cope with the Matric curriculum they fail their NSC final examinations. These learners, supposedly at Grade 12 level, are in fact at a Grade 8/9 level of Mathematics. In order to optimally benefit from the teaching provided at Grade 12 level in our centres the learners are faced with the challenge of having to simultaneously close the Grade 8-11 core knowledge gap that exists. This requires intensive tutoring and support, which the Adult Centres are unable to provide because of financial limitations.

In many Centres the teacher to learner ratio is extremely high (e.g. 1:200), making it impossible for individual teacher support…….”

In September 2014 Winning Teams was approached by the Department of Education to assist in preparing these learners for their final examinations in two learning centres in Gauteng.

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