Let me take this time and thank Winning Teams in Education

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“Let me take this time and thank Winning Teams in Education.

My Story:

When I first failed matric in 2011 I had Winning Team’s Learner Booklets but never went through them, and failed Maths & Physical Sciences. I repeated in 2012 and used them but not that much, then I failed the very same subjects again. It’s like I never believed this thing that Maths & Physical Sciences were difficult for me, or anyone for that matter.

Then after failing for the second time, I made peace that matric has deserted me. I focused on moving forward, but supplementary exam was never in my plans for the future. I gave up on everything academic.

Well, my headmaster spoke to me and asked me to supplement but I refused. It was on one Monday of January 2013. On a Tuesday of that week, when Winning Teams visited my school to talk about a programme they planned to implement to help supplementary candidates. The headmaster told them of my intentions, showed them my results.

On the very same morning I got a call from then a stranger, begging me (not asking me) to join them and prepare for supplementary exam. He introduced himself as Nkosinathi Manana, a Winning Teams in Education employee. I promised I’d come join them. The programme started on Wednesday of that week, I then met them at a venue arranged. He and his colleague, Bobby, showed a great deal of believe in me that nobody has ever shown me.

They brought my self-confidence back, gave me hope and support. They strengthened me. The choice was mine. My mind raced. I made up my mind that I’m going to sit for supplementary Exam. They tutored us for free, even gave us transport and showed us that Maths & Physical Sciences can’t beat anyone, as long as you believe.

I sat to write Maths on 15th and 18th February and PhSc on March 01st and 04th.

We went our separate ways on the brink of writing PhSc P1, and they asked us to do our best.

Well, in short I can say thanks to Nkosinathi Manana and Bobby now I have matric certificate with a Bachelor’s degree. But more importantly, I thank Winning Teams in Education for the great initiative they have taken into the lives of ordinary citizens. If it wasn’t them, I wouldn’t have passed matric. May God bless all the staff at Winning Teams?”

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