Learning Obstacles in Education

Addressing the Learning Obstacles in Education

Winning Teams enables educators/lecturers with their learners to overcome these obstacles and create a successful learning culture

THE PROBLEM: The educator / lecturer

  • has a narrow understanding of his/her role – to teach, assess and cover the curriculum, regardless of impact on learning
  • reverts to old chalk and talk methods
  • often has poor content knowledge
  • has low expectations of learners
  • h as little time to cover an extensive curriculum
  • provides negligible time for practice and revision, with little feedback on assessment
  • has ongoing discipline problems


The educator/lecturer expects learners to become agents of their own learning.

The educator / lecturer

  • becomes a facilitator and provides support for real learning and practice
  • plans her time to include learning, revision, practice and preparation for examinations
  • manages discipline better because of the learning environment created
  • provides immediate feedback to learners on their progress

THE PROBLEM: The learner

  • is demotivated or disruptive
  • begins with little knowledge and content gaps from previous years
  • has not learnt how to learn!
  • passively expects learning to happen to them
  • has poor English (second language) skills – used for all teaching and testing
  • has little time and space for learning, practising and revising


The learner actively becomes an agent of his / her own learning.

  • is motivated and interested in learning
  • learns how to learn
  • revises and practises what is learnt
  • builds mastery in English
  • studies independently and with peers
  • engages in peer teaching
  • makes sure he/she is exam ready

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