EXCITING NEWS – 2015 National Senior Certificate Pass Rates

The Winning Teams Second Chance Programme has made a significant impact on the 2015 National Senior Certificate % pass rates of Learners at public Adult Education & Training Centres in Gauteng.

% Pass rate of Learners

AET Centres

% Pass rate >30% 

Learners ON the WT Programme 

% Pass rate >30% 

Learners NOT on the WT Programme

Comparative Difference in the Pass rates
Thuto Mfundo
Mathematics 61% 20% +41%
Physical Science 60% 23% +37%
St. Anthony’s  
Mathematics 56% 35% +21%
Physical Science 66% 28% +38%

Impact of the WT Programme on the Overall Centres >30% Pass Rate

AET Centres Subject 2014 2015 Improvement
St. Anthony’s Mathematics 29% 49% +20%
St. Anthony’s Physical Science 39% 57% +18%
Thuto Mfundo Mathematics 20% 37% +17%
Thuto Mfundo Physical Science 20% 39% +19%


An education system in crisis

Nic Spaull says the reality is that poor state schooling continues to condemn most black children to the underclass.

Nic Spaull is currently a post-doc fellow at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and a visiting scholar at Stanford University.

This article first appeared on http://nicspaull.com/ and on Politicsweb.

My opening remarks at the OR Tambo Debate and an afterword…

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The Big Read: The new normal must be greatness

Prof. (JD) Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor and Rector, comments on the state of school education, highlighting the learning crisis we have in South Africa.

This was published in the TimesLive 17 July 2015.

Something that always puzzled me growing up on the mean streets of the Cape Flats was how a long-time inmate from nearby Pollsmoor Prison would be released only to quickly commit another crime so that he could rejoin his friends on the inside.

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Welcome to an updated and new Winning Teams Website

Welcome to the new Winning Teams website!

Over the years we have made huge progress with our Learning and Development Model of Engagement and the application thereof, it was time to give our website a new look, feel and focus.

Through our ongoing commitment to learning and development, we too learn and develop. We hope that you  see the benefit of establishing an engaging framework that facilitates a culture of learning and development like our clients, sponsors and learners have.

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