School Based Initiatives 

Winning Teams has been involved in school based learning and development initiatives for the past 11 years. During this time we have received many accolades and letters of appreciation from DBE Provincial, District and Circuit Management as well as Principals, Teachers and learners.

Here are some of our highlights:

Delivered more than

2½ Million

Core Knowledge learning books

Conducted over

2 Million

Baseline Tests

More than

1 Million

Learners Participated


15, 000


Worked in

3, 500

Public Secondary Schools




Post School Initiative

Winning Teams has seen an exciting opportunity to assist learners who have registered at public Adult Education and Training Centres to rewrite or upgrade their Grade 12 Mathematics and/or Physical Science examinations. In January 2015 we commenced with a 1-2 year ‘Second Chance’ initiative at two learners in Gauteng. There has been a steady improvement during the year and their half year results are highly encouraging when compared to their 2014 NSC results:

Physical Science

61.9% showed an improvement in the bracket between 11-20%


41.9% showed an improvement in the bracket between 11-20%

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