Features and Benefits

Important features of the Winning Teams Model of Engagement:

  • It is easily scaleable and can be rolled out to all public primary and secondary schools in a relatively short period.
  • It is adaptable and can be used by learners in primary and secondary schools in any subject that requires the embedment of foundation knowledge and basic skills especially in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and English (FAL).
  • It has proven to be successful in improving learning and learning outcomes in participating schools where leaners are given the opportunity to use this model for learning/revision throughout the year in preparation for their external examinations either in study periods in normal school times and/or in formalised extra study time i.e. after school/Saturdays/Holiday periods, or informally by learners themselves in doing homework and /or practicing what they have been taught.
  • It is able to measure and manage learning progress that learners make in acquiring the foundation knowledge they need.
  • Using a Game Methodology the scoresheets of each team of learners for each game provide immediate feedback to learners on the progress made towards achieving the learning targets set for each subject topic. Learning improvement results for each participating school for each school term is provided to all stakeholders to ensure, that where required, corrective action is taken.
  • It supports and enables educators to fulfil their responsibility for ensuring that learning is taking place but are unable to do so for the lack of time.
  • It is very cost effective because as a learner-centered teaching methodology learners can be used as a marginal cost resource, while reducing the workload of educators and improving learner outcomes