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The foundation of Winning Teams is a competition methodology that provides a platform to measure and build core knowledge. This foundation establishes a non-threatening environment to prepare, assess and review performance while providing constant feedback. The programme allows for implementation and tracking across offices and business units that can be geographically separated. The programme helps develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to support key strategies, thereby allowing management to measure knowledge levels and understanding throughout the organisation in a fun and interactive way.

Winning Teams is well suited for medium to larger organisations where strategy execution requires the focus on change and retention of core knowledge from executive level through to the lower levels of the organisation. It’s a tool designed to support executive and senior management in the execution of their strategy.


I am amazed at the level of interest generated by Winning Teams Professional. On Monday I happened to observe the driver Googling the “term prime rate”. I was rushing to visit a client but when I noticed what the driver was doing I was forced to slow down and assist him to understand the meaning of the term. Thank you Winning Teams. We are all learning and all ‘back to school’



  • Drive common focus on core knowledge that meet strategic business objectives
  • Create a non-threatening, motivating learning environment
  • Cultivate a learning and development culture within the organisation


  • Build co-operation and team-work
  • Deliver an environment for applied knowledge
  • Develop communication skills and individual confidence


  • Deliver immediate performance feedback
  • Assess core knowledge levels and retention